The Top Social Media Platforms You Should Be Familiar With

Accomplish These Two Steps Before Implementing a Social Media Program

The average person spends nearly two hours on social media every day, according to Social Media Today. If you’re business isn’t taking advantage of this audience, you are definitely missing out. You’re missing out on greater brand awareness, reaching a new audience, and engaging with potential and existing customers, among other things.

Starting a proactive social media program can feel daunting, especially when you aren’t familiar with the platforms or their processes. Before you even step into this world, do two things:

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Generational Communication

Things move so quickly in the technical field that it is hard to keep up. Everywhere you look, noses are in phones, heads are down, and interactions between people seem non-existent due to this ever-changing technology. While it may seem like people are not communicating, looks can be deceiving. In fact, many of these people are embracing technology in to communicate with each other.

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An Implementable Crisis Management Plan

A couple of weeks ago we shared a post that focused on the importance of creating Reputation Management marketing strategy. An important component of that strategy is crisis management. Every moment we turn on the news, radio or open social media, we see someone or some business facing some sort of crisis. Perhaps they handled a situation incorrectly, provided a poor product or service, responded to an issue unethically in the eyes of the consumer, or made a damaging or inaccurate statement… the list goes on! The clean up after that often seems like a long and daunting process and can ultimately make or break that business or person if they are ill-prepared.

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Tools to Get Your Goal Measurement on Track

Now that we’ve made The Case for Goal Setting, called out Goal Distractions that Can Get You, and lead you through How to Set Good Goals, we want to help you measure them. You’ve done the hard work by setting measurable goals and now you need to see if that work is paying off or if you need to shift directions to ensure you’re making your budget and resources work hardest for you.

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Creating User-Friendly Content

Creating content is an integral part of marketing your business. Your content program should include creating quality, consistent content. Ensuring you have a solid content program will allow your users to find the valuable information you have to offer them. But sometimes, ideas aren’t flowing freely or time constraints prevent you from creating new content.

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A Business Must: Reputation Management

Managing your business reputation is tricky and complex. Because most businesses provide some sort of service or product, the statements you make, how you market yourself, what others are saying about you and how you respond to negative or constrictive criticism, among other things, can all come into play to positively or negatively impact you. Some of these things you can control, others you cannot.   Regardless of your business’ size, you must be proactive when it comes to your reputation.  Focus on establishing and maintaining your reputation and handling issues before they become a crisis.

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How to Set Good Goals

When I say good goals, I really mean: goals that are going to get done what they say they’re going to do. That’s the bottom line of it right? Are they going to make progress and accomplish? The whole point of the process is getting on the right path to lead you to the finish line.

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Maintaining Your Website to Gain Your Audience

Nothing is more frustrating than when your content is available for users to see, but no one can find it. Creating a user friendly website is a great step toward that goal. However, once you create your website, it is even more important to keep it updated. Here, we have compiled our top five tips to ensure that your content can be found easily by keeping your website updated and maintained.

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Demographics and Your Marketing Strategy