How to Identify and Engage Your Social Media Audience

Your audience should be number one, not only in your overall marketing plan but within your social media strategy as well. Knowing who you’re trying to target will help you create valuable content that they are more likely to engage with. It’s also important to keep in mind that social media is a tool to distribute content to reach your audience and should be used in combination with other platforms and tools like your website, blog, e-newsletter and more.

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3 Tips to Move Your Social Media Forward

The past few months, we’ve been talking a lot about social media. We’ve shared The Top Social Media Platforms You Should be Familiar With where we introduced some of the top platforms to research and understand; Accomplish These Two Steps Before Implementing a Social Media Program where we offered some planning ideas; Visual Content Speaks Volumes During Social Media Consumption where we provided ideas for how to improve your visuals and increase engagement on social media; and many, many more. Are you bored yet? We hope not! Our real hope is you feel less intimidated and overwhelmed because you have a better idea of what platforms are right for your business, how to create a social media strategy,

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Visual Content Speaks Volumes During Social Media Consumption

Photos, videos and graphic images are helping social media users consume content faster than they ever have before. No matter how valuable your content is, if you don't have the visuals to catch your audience's attention, many are likely scrolling right by it. Visuals help your users digest and understand information without their brains needing to imagine or create a visual of it. This makes visuals incredibly powerful. And this power is what helps visuals drive engagement with your brand. Today, we’re sharing three tips to help improve your visual content on social media, and really everywhere.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Hashtags Are So Important

The Top Social Media Platforms You Should Be Familiar With

Accomplish These Two Steps Before Implementing a Social Media Program

The average person spends nearly two hours on social media every day, according to Social Media Today. If you’re business isn’t taking advantage of this audience, you are definitely missing out. You’re missing out on greater brand awareness, reaching a new audience, and engaging with potential and existing customers, among other things.

Starting a proactive social media program can feel daunting, especially when you aren’t familiar with the platforms or their processes. Before you even step into this world, do two things:

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An Implementable Crisis Management Plan

A couple of weeks ago we shared a post that focused on the importance of creating Reputation Management marketing strategy. An important component of that strategy is crisis management. Every moment we turn on the news, radio or open social media, we see someone or some business facing some sort of crisis. Perhaps they handled a situation incorrectly, provided a poor product or service, responded to an issue unethically in the eyes of the consumer, or made a damaging or inaccurate statement… the list goes on! The clean up after that often seems like a long and daunting process and can ultimately make or break that business or person if they are ill-prepared.

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Top Apps and Sites to Help You Create Quality Visual Content

You’ve heard the term “pictures are worth a thousand words” right? That simple statement rings completely true in today’s world of content. Words alone are no longer sufficient when it comes to marketing your business and engaging your audience. Last week we mentioned that the brain processes visual content much faster than written words. Therefore, there is true power in imagery. Visuals trigger a reaction, something we seek in our business operations. Whether you want consumers to purchase a product from you, attend an event or hire you to provide a service, you want your message to resonate with them and encourage them to act.

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Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Chances are, your business is already utilizing some type of social media to promote your products or services and share ideas.  Social media is also a great way to engage your customers by giving them a chance to have conversations with you, provide feedback on your services and contact you on their own time.  While most social media platforms are pretty easy to use, we’d like to offer some tips on how to maximize your reach and make the most of your time. 

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